Traffic Domain Names

One of a business’ main aims may be to drive more traffic to a website. However, it doesn’t always have to be done the traditionally-hard way.

Traffic domain names are URLs that were once connected to a website and gain substantial amounts of traffic. Since their registration has expired and are no longer in use, you are able to purchase the domain and direct the existing traffic to your current website.

How to choose a domain name with high traffic

Since your business is competing with millions of internet users for sales, choosing a domain name with high traffic can help to bring existing audiences to your website with minimal effort with regards to marketing.

Purchasing a domain name that is relevant to your industry is key. We always advise to buy a high traffic domain name that is relevant to the sector you are in so that the visitors will enjoy your website, without having untargeted traffic instantly clicking off.

It is also very important to choose a traffic domain name that is indexed in Google. If one of the biggest search engines can’t find the website, there’s a high chance that your target audience won’t!

Re-directing issues

Once you’ve purchased a high-traffic domain name, you can either set-up a brand new website that hosts the domain or issue a redirect that automatically transfers visitors to your current website.

Permanent 301 redirects can also choose the option to use domain masking. This happens when your new domain is automatically forwarded to your existing website whilst still appearing under the high-traffic domain name.

Buying a high traffic domain names

There are many high-traffic domains that already exist. Those that have expired (or are no longer registered) can be purchased through us and help to convert that traffic into real-life visitors on your website.

We can help you to find and purchase high traffic domains and with prices to suit all budgets, we’re sure that you’ll soon be seeing a wave of visitors to your website almost instantly!

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