Keyword Domain Names

It’ll probably come as no surprise to the domain name your business uses has some sort of SEO value, but finding a keyword domain name that suits your brand and translates well into your social media marketing strategy can prove difficult.

Choosing a domain that is suitable for your website is crucial when it comes to turning your business into a brand – especially as the internet is becoming more and more crowded; you need to stand out!

What are keyword domains and EMDs?

Keyword domains, also known as Exact Match Domains, are domain names that are made up from a business’ main keywords.

A good example of a keyword domain is, which as the name suggests, specialise in selling customers’ laptops. It explains exactly what the website offers and is a commonly searched-for term in a search engine, meaning that it will rank higher than for the search term ‘sell your laptop’.

The length of a domain may be an issue for some business that are looking to use a keyword domain name as they typically consist of phrases. This is important to consider as a lengthy domain name can have the following impacts:

  • People tend to avoid clicking longer URLs on search pages as they are related to spam sites.
  • There are more opportunities for somebody to type the URL wrong.
  • A longer URL is harder to remember.

Buy and sell keyword domains

We can help you to buy keyword domains that allow your brand to become instantly recognisable, as well as have naturally positive effects on your search engine rankings.

If you’re wanting to sell your keyword domain name but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with the team here at Webain. We have years of industry experience and have monitored search terms, domains and marketing trends; giving them some of the best knowledge around!

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