Domain Names with Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a metric commonly used by SEOs and marketers that measures the likeliness of your website ranking highly in a search engine in comparison to the sites of your competitors.

Originally created by Moz, domain authority is a score given between 0-100 that is calculated by collating links to predict the chances of ranking highly as a site overall.

A sites’ domain authority is bound to fluctuate all of the time depending on the amount of pages a site has indexed, the regularity of content being published and the amount of traffic, but it is one of the main metrics that is considered when evaluating a website for SEO.

How to check a websites’ DA

The authority of a domain can be checked when the official Moz toolbar is installed on your browser. Alternatively, you can visit websites like Open Site Explorer and Small SEO Tools to calculate your own scoring.

However, it is important to remember that DA is updated fortnightly and your current scores may fluctuate depending on a variety of factors.

Purchasing domain names with domain authority

The quick-fix way to boost the DA of your website is to buy a domain that has expired but still holds a good position. We have a variety of domains that are available to purchase – all of which have good DA scores and can put your business’ site in a great stance when Google determines ranking positions.

To buy a domain with existing domain authority, get in touch with the Webain team. We have a huge range of domains that are available to you, enabling your business to get on the road to higher search rankings almost instantly.

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